Customised Solutions for ORTHOPAEDIC MAXILLOFACIAL Surgeries

Combining various Engineering skills such as design, additive manufacturing, and metallurgy to meet the unique requirements of clinicians. Together we can do more

Mandibular Custom made prosthesis

Patient Specific Implants

Patient Specific TKA Surgical Guide

Patient Specific Surgical Guides

PreOperative Planning of Distal Femoral Open Wedge Osteotomy

Pre-Operative Planning

Anatomical Model of the Forearm

Anatomical Models

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Francis Atterbury
Surgeon holding patient specific partial mandibular prosthesis

mirror finish articular surface 

U-Shaped prosthesis ensures
maximum primary fixation

Buccal screw holes to ensure
correct alignment and least
bending stress imposed on screws

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Fanavaran Jarahyar Sharif is a knowledge-based company providing personalized solutions for patients in the field of orthopedic and maxillofacial treatments. This company was founded in 2013 by professors from Tehran and Sharif university and has cooperated with several physicians in these two fields of treatment.

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